Emmanual Church Prayer and Praise Hub

So what is this all about?

As Christians, it is always important that we are praying for the needs of the Church, our community and the wider world. In the particularly uncertain times that we live in now as we journey together through Covid-19 and all the changes to our lives that it is bringing, we in Emmanuel Group of Churches are committed to keeping on praying for our whole community. Whether you go to Church at the moment or not, whether you’d call yourself a believer in God or not, we want to pray for you and the things you are facing. So let us know what we can be praying about for you at the moment.

When people pray, stuff happens. And whether the answer to the prayer turns out to be ‘yes’ or ‘not yet’ , or even ‘no’ it’s good for us to hear what has happened and to be thankful to God. So when you feel you’ve had an answer, do let us know that, too.

How do I add a prayer/praise request?

There are 2 ways to pass on a prayer request or report an answer to prayer. You can either use the handy interface on the right side of the screen or if you are happy to not be anonymous, you can email praise@emmprayer.co.uk or prayer@emmprayer.co.uk from your own email software. Both methods end up in the same in-boxes, but if you use the emails, can you include if you are happy for the request/praise topic to be shared with the wider Church, please.

Either way emails will be picked up once a week and fowarded to the relevent people (Sunday Preachers, Bert Editor, etc).

What happens to my requests?

Requests will be seen by a small team of Church leaders.

If you say that you are happy for your request to be shared publicly, we will do so, but we will ensure that your contact information is not shared and, if you prefer, we will remove information which might let people know who you are.

In this time that we are not meeting together in person, the requests may be shared publicly in the following ways:

  • On this website in our Prayers and Reports section
  • On the Emmanuel Group of Churches Facebook and Twitter pages
  • During acts of worship or video updates we share online
  • In our Group Weekly Prayer Sheet

If you say you are not happy for your items to be shared publicly, they will be shared via email with church prayer teams / leadership teams for them to pray about.

Send a Prayer/Praise Email

Rather than using the praise@emmprayer.co.uk and prayer@emmprayer.co.uk email addresses you can use this interface to send a message to those in-boxes.